Buy the Petflap on Amazon USA!

USA - Export costs for PetflapThe Petflap is now available via Amazon in the USA

We’re delighted to announce that Trade Forte is now stocking the Petflap in its Amazon store for despatch to the USA and Canada, from $149.

Currently Trade Forte is stocking white, with the full range of colours to follow later this year.

What’s different for the American market?

Ecoflap and Trade Forte have worked closely together to ensure a smooth experience for the North American customer. Petflaps are hand-built in the Herefordshire countryside, a world away from the Tennessee and Sacramento Amazon warehouses that they are despatched to.

One of the biggest differences between Britain and the USA is the common use of metric vs imperial measurements. Because we’re often dealing with small measurements, we use metric units to describe the Petflap: the trunking is 70mm long and 253mm diameter; the front frame of the Petflap is 295mm diameter. We had to switch that out to imperial measurements, which meant getting to grips with measurements such as 2⅜ inches – the imperial equivalent of 70mm.

Selling on Amazon USA

Selling on Amazon is a specialism all of its own. We’re very happy to leave that to Trade Forte while we focus on the Petflap. Amazon had a number of requirements that meant we had to make some changes. These have all been for the better, and include commissioning our logo, etching our product name into the fitting ring, and attaching a serial number sticker to the fitting ring.

Creating clear branding is important to Amazon, and that’s been good for us. There’s more to do and we look forward to a long working relationship with Trade Forte.