International Shipping

Last updated: 27th September 2021

Like many British companies we have halted automatic international shipping due to the lack of information available about import duties our customers might face in their country.

However, we are slowly putting together information about shipping to different parts of the world. If you would like us to ship to a country outside the UK that’s not shown below  please get in touch and we will do what we can. You might find it simpler to contact customs in your own country for a straight answer.

In our experience shipping speed varies greatly. It has taken weeks for items to reach the Netherland and Slovakia, but they get to the USA in about a week. Delays occur both in leaving the UK and at customs in the destination country.

We issue PayPal invoices to international customers. For this we need your full name, postal address and choice of Petflap colour. We also ask for a phone number so that we can fill in customs paperwork with all the information it asks for. Please contact us to place an order from outside the UK.

This is what we know so far:

canadian flagCanada

We recommend checking the import tax rules as they apply to your province or territory, as the situation varies across Canada. You can find information on the Canada Border Services Agency website. Unfortunately, due to this variability and the most relevant page being under reconstruction, there isn’t a great deal of detail we can provide. As a guide, Québec charges 5% GST. Charges are usually based on unit price and shipping costs.

Petflaps sent to Canada do not have UK VAT applied. One Petflap costs £57.50, about CAD 98. Despatch is £25, about CAD 43.


There is no customs duty payable on UK imports into Denmark under DKK 1150. A Petflap costs about DKK 497, so is well under the limit. Danish VAT is payable at 25%. VAT is worked out on purchase price plus shipping. Shipping is £16 – about DKK 138. In our experience customers pay 123 kr VAT, plus 160 kr handling fee to PostNord. So 283 kr in total above the purchase price. You can find out more at 

Transit time is 2-3 weeks.

international shippingThe Netherlands

Customers will need to pay local VAT of 21% on imports.  No further duty is imposed on imports with a value of less than 150 Euros. One Petflap comes in well under 150 Euros. Items with a value over 150 Euros pay around 3-5% duty. Postage is £16. Transit is taking 3-4 weeks at the moment.

If you would like to check for yourself you’ll find contact information for Dutch Customs at this link

international shippingNorway

Customs fees in Norway are calculated based on the value of the product and its shipping rates.

Despatch to Norway is £20, giving a total of £89 for buying and shipping one Petflap to Norway. Customs fees for this will be about NOK 360 (£30), payable by the customer.

Transit is about 7-14 days.


The Republic of Ireland

As with all non-UK destinations, the Petflap will be £57.50. P&P is £15. The ROI doesn’t charge the usual 12% customs duty on items with a value of less than EUR150, but there will be local VAT at 23% of the total paid to us. The total paid to us will be £72.50. Additionally there might be an An Post or courier handling fee of up to €10. In our experience the An Post fee is €3.50 and the VAT €15.52.

You can check the specifics at this page using Example 2.

Despite reports of delays at Irish customs, we haven’t seen this for our parcels and delivery is taking just a few days.

international shippingSlovakia

Shipping to Slovakia is similar to shipping to the Netherlands. A tariff of 6.5% is payable on goods costing between €22-150. One Petflap falls into this bracket. This should be all the tax payable. Shipping to Slovakia is £19. Transit is taking several weeks at the moment.

More information is available at

international shipping


We have this from Customs & Border Protection:

“Personal-use imports through the mail worth up to $800 and gift packages worth up to $100 generally enter the United States duty-free, as long as the person receiving the package does not have multiple packages processed by CBP in a single day.

Import duty estimates are available from your nearest CBP port of entry. You can speak with a CBP Officer who can provide advisory duty rates and general import information. Contact information and hours of operation for CBP ports of entry is available on our official Web site using the following link Click the state on the map where the port of entry is located and then click on the ‘Port Name’ of the specific port of entry for which you want contact information. You may also seek advisement from a CBP Import Specialist at one of our Centers of Excellence and Expertise (CEE). Contact information of CEE offices is available at the following link:

One Petflap is about USD 96 at today’s rates, so well below the $800 threshold. Shipping is £32, about $44, giving a total for shipping one Petflap to the USA of £101/$140.

Transit is taking about a week.