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draughtproof pet door

Front view (film removed)

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Using the same design principles as the Ecoflap, using any airflow to sit more tightly shut aganst its frame rather than flapping and blowing in the breeze, the Petflap is an attractive animal-friendly design that will contribute to your home’s energy economy and comfort.

Simple to fit, easy to clean

Small and quiet enough not to intimidate a kitten, big enough for a Maltese terrier, the Petflap is set to be a tremendously popular addition to the homes of the UK’s pet lovers. Affordable, simple to fit and easy to clean, the Petflap addresses the concerns of most cat- and dog-loving homeowners, but there’s no reason why your house rabbit, rat, chinchilla or micro-pig can’t be trained to use it.

Pricing and delivery

You can be confident that when you buy a pet door from us we’re on hand to provide any advice and support you need and are very happy to discuss your needs prior to purchase.

The Petflap retails from £69 (inc VAT, plus delivery).  It’s very much like buying an Ecoflap, only your pet goes through it, not your post.