The Petflap is a draughtproof cat flap designed and built in the UK

The Petflap is a cat flap that solves the problems other cat flaps can’t.

Imagine a cold winter’s evening, warm and cosy in the house, rain and wind outside. Now imagine all that damp and cold staying outside and the cat nipping in and out through a gentle, draughtproof and robust cat flap that shuts behind itself every time.

How is the Petflap draughtproof?

The Petflap uses any airflow to sit more tightly shut against its frame rather than flapping and blowing in the breeze like a standard cat flap. It is an attractive, animal-friendly design that will contribute to your home’s energy economy and comfort. Although we designed it for cats and small dogs, it is also suitable for other small pets (rabbits, rats, chincillas, etc) that can be trained to use it. There’s even a Petflap installed for parrots.

The benefits of this better pet door include:

  • a draughtproof flap that doesn’t rattle or bang
  • a conservative working U-value of 3.521 W/(m²K)
  • a gentle closing action that won’t trap paws or tails
  • twin perspex peep holes
  • easy opening for the old and infirm pet
  • easy fitting into glass
  • a simple and reliable locking mechanism
  • quiet operation

Protecting the Environment

As well as cutting your heating bills, the Petflap is made from recyclable materials.

Making a single colour plastic product is the most environmentally positive thing we can do. The Petflap is available in black, white or silver, and we can make a Petflap with mixed colours.

In 2020 we replaced a large section of acrylic with tricoya, a sustainable wooden product stable for 50 years.

petflap dimensions

Measuring and customising your Petflap

A Petflap can be fitted into a door, a wall or a window. It can go through wood or stone/brick. Extended trunking means that you can install it through a wall up to 59cm thick.

Petflaps with extended trunking are bespoke products, so please get in touch to enquire.

As a guide, a Petflap with trunking 320mm long (a very popular length) costs £236 inc VAT and P&P to the UK

Buying a Petflap

Standard single colour Petflaps with 70mm trunking are available from our online shop.

The Petflap retails from £99 including VAT. Overseas shipping rates depend on the destination. Please see our International Shipping page for current rates.

Petflap mounted in a wooden door

Fitting and Maintenance

The Petflap is simple to fit and easy to clean.

Every Petflap comes with a link to fitting instructions in written and audio form. There’s even a QR code for even quicker access.

To ensure a snug weatherproof fit, please read the fitting instructions and follow them carefully. If you or your fitter have any fitting queries we’ll be happy to answer them pre- or post-purchase.

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