Close up of the Petflap locked open.

Locking mechanism

This is a simple mechanical lock that can be locked open or shut. When training a pet to use the Petflap lock the flap slightly open giving the animal an understanding of how to open the flap. Once your pet is familiar with going in and out through the flap, return the lock to the open position for normal use, and lock it when preferred.

Lock in the closed position

Microchip Access

We’re often asked whether the Petflap has microchip access. At the moment the answer is no.

We’ve looked at incorporating this type of access control as we know it’s a feature may pet owners find appealing and we’d love to give the nation’s pet lovers what they want. The problem we’ve found in our trials is that the technology just isn’t reliable enough. This type of  technology is great when it works but can be disastrous if it fails. We have a plan for a failsafe chip access system, but have not yet fully developed it.

So for now, until a chip is developed that we find reliable enough to want to include with the Petflap, it remains a chip-free zone.