A kinder, draughtproof pet door

draughtproof pet doorThe Petflap is a draughtproof never-blow-open pet door designed and built by the same people that brought you the draughtproof, rainproof Ecoflap. What do we mean by ‘draughtproof’? We mean it won’t blow open or rattle in a draught, and it will let in far less air around it than a standard pet door, yet it opens and closes behind itself quietly and gently. Trapped tails, loud noises and draughts will be a thing of the past.

Click here to buy a Petflap. We restock about once a month. Keep an eye on Twitter and Instagram for updates.

Our new model, Palmerston, is now in production. Please bear with us while we improve our range of photos. For now, these simple images show you the shape of the Petflap, the trunking and the lock. Please note that the photograph to the left shows the Petflap with its protective film still attached to protect it during transit and fitting. The film is easily removed by the customer.

Please click here to view video of the Petflap on our YouTube channel, and scroll down this page for dimensions.


  • Pet access: 103mm x 187mm each side (We have available a life-size PDF of the pet access flap to download and cut out, if you want to test whether your pet can fit through.)
  • Outer Frame: 300mm
  • Trunking diameter: 256mm with hole cut 258mm minimum – see fitting leaflet
  • Suitable for doors up to 50mm deep
  • Front sits 4.5mm proud of surface it’s attached to

Please note: we can’t retrofit extended trunking to a Petflap that already has regular trunking fitted. If you need extended trunking please don’t buy through the cart but contact us and we will create your Petflap order separately.

What’s changed?

If you’ve visited our site before, you’ll notice that the Petflap has changed. Since its launch over two years ago it has changed shape and colour, its has had different locks, and much of the mechanism has changed and continues to be developed. All changes are aimed at

  • speeding up manufacturing
  • removing variation
  • making the product as robust, reliable and durable as possible

Why is our draughtproof pet door better?

We love our Petflap. The benefits of this better pet door include:

  • a draughtproof flap that doesn’t rattle or bang
  • a gentle closing action that won’t trap paws or tails
  • twin perspex peep holes
  • easy opening for the old and infirm pet
  • easy fitting into glass
  • a simple and reliable locking mechanism
  • quiet operation

Water ingress

We don’t claim that the Petflap is waterproof, but we design for that and don’t expect it to let in water. However, we have to allow enough clearance for the flap to move freely, and this brings with it the risk that water might come in if the circumstances are right (or wrong). We are always reviewing the design with a view to improving it, and we have some ideas that we’re testing that will reduce further the risk of water ingress.

What is The Petflap made of?

The Petflap is made from laminated ABS plastic and perspex with a corrosion-free stainless steel and brass central wire.

Our recent switch to black ABS allows us to use material that incorporates recycled plastic, and is itself recyclable.

How do you get The Petflap?

  • The Petflap retails for £69 including VAT, plus shipping (£12 P&P within UK, £32.00 to Europe, prices available for worldwide destinations)
  • Order online at www.ecoflapdirect.co.uk