A kinder, draughtproof pet door

draughtproof pet doorThe Petflap is a draughtproof pet door that will never blow open.

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Why is our draughtproof pet door better?

We love our Petflap. The benefits of this better pet door include:

  • a draughtproof flap that doesn’t rattle or bang
  • a gentle closing action that won’t trap paws or tails
  • twin perspex peep holes
  • easy opening for the old and infirm pet
  • easy fitting into glass
  • a simple and reliable locking mechanism
  • quiet operation
draughtproof pet door

A double-ended Petflap with extended trunking

What is The Petflap made of?

The Petflap is made from laminated ABS plastic and perspex with a corrosion-free stainless steel pivot.

Our recent switch to black ABS allows us to use material that incorporates recycled plastic, and is itself recyclable. This is the same plastic used in premium cars.

How do you get The Petflap?

  • The Petflap retails for £69 including VAT, plus shipping (£12 P&P within UK, £32.00 to Europe, shipped worldwide)
  • Order online at www.ecoflapdirect.co.uk