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The Petflap

  • The Petflap is a robust pet door designed and hand-built in the UK and shipped worldwide
  • It was designed to stop the draughts and rattles associated with standard pet doors currently on the market
  • It was designed with the pet as paramount so it has a gentle closing mechanism that won’t trap tails or paws
  • It’s fitted simply to your door with silicone sealant
  • Easy to clean
  • Pleasant aesthetic
  • Can be sprayed any colour
  • From £99
  • Extended trunking available for walls

The Petflap works by using the force of any air flow to push the door more firmly shut against its frame, whichever direction the airflow comes from. This prevents rattling and draughts. As this draughtproofing is achieved through balance rather than strong hinges, the door shuts gently and quietly so is kind to your pet.

By cutting draughts through your door, the Petflap improves your home energy economy and will help your home feel comfortable and draught-free.

Petflaps are available with bespoke options: extended trunking, a square-edge and a mix of colours.