Fitting a Petflap into glass

draughtproof pet door

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We’re often asked whether a Petflap can be fitted into glass doors and panels.  Yes, it can. Please see our fitting instructions at Fitting a Petflap.

We’ve modified the design from ‘squoval’ to mostly circular to make this much easier. Our new trunking with a flat stretch top and bottom fits very nicely into a perfectly circular hole.

There are a few things to take into consideration when looking at fitting a Petflap into glass, so please read the following.

  • We recommend having your Petflap fitted by a professional experienced in this sort of work, as poor fitting can affect the Petflap’s performance.
  • We can’t comment on the suitability of your particular glass/double glazing. Please ensure you have appropriate expert advice on this before fitting a Petflap.
  • We’re happy to speak directly to your glazier about any questions they have.
  • We accept no liability for inconvenience or expense arising from faulty fitting. Please ensure the instructions in our fitting leaflet are followed, especially with regard to cutting the hole large enough and determining the suitability of all aspects of the Petflap for your requirements. 
  • There needs to be about 2mm of ‘play’ in the hole to ensure that the Petflap will work properly, but a reputable glazier will know this and cut accordingly.
  • Petflaps set into a hole fractionally too small may not shut reliably, and the glass itself might be compromised if put under pressure in that way.

Thickness of glass

The Petflap fixes to a door’s surface so in theory fitting a Petflap into glass isn’t a problem (no need to cut bolt holes), but the trunking needs to sit comfortably within the thickness of the door and not distort as an animal travels back and forth. This can be an issue when proposing to fit a Petflap into a particularly thin glass door or panel. If possible replace the glass panel for something thicker. This is also a good solution in a rented property, as the original pane can be put back when you leave the property.

The Petflap’s front plate is 3mm deep so if your glass doors slide past each other they would need enough clearance to accommodate this.


The Petflap comes with trunking to suit doors up to 65mm thick.

Specialist advice

Before you order a Petflap or cut into your glass door or panel we would always advise you consult a specialist glazier for an expert opinion. We’re happy to speak directly to your glazier to answer any questions.