Our Maxflap draughtproof dog door

We’re pleased to introduce the Maxflap draughtproof dog door, a catflap for small dogs and big cats. The Maxflap is ideal for cats such a Maine Coon, and dogs up to smaller spaniels will be able to get through comfortably.

The Maxflap is made from tricoya, an accoya-based MDF that’s durable and weatherproof for 50 years. We turn it into a durable and weatherproof pet door designed to be set into a door panel or a wall. We supply the Maxflap with a natural finish.

You can apply a layer of oil, stain or spray paint (we recommend PlastiKote). This is not necessary to weatherproof the Maxflap as it is fully weatherproof with its natural finish.

How is it draughtproof?

Just like the Petflap, the Maxflap is draughtproof because of its cut. The door will always be blown more firmly shut against its frame whichever direction a draught comes from. This means no rattling, no banging, no blowing open. The Maflap opens easily with focussed pressure from a nose or paw.

This video shows a Maxflap painted white by the customer (video used with permission).

Maxflap dog door dimensions:

External frame: 487mm x 355mm
Pet access small side: 167mm x 208mm
Door hole cut: 437mmx310mm
Distance base of frame to base of pet access flap: 71mm
Distance from base of frame to trunking: 20mm on bottom edge, 25mm on other edges

This is the standard Maxflap we offer, but it’s not the only size we can make. We have some flexibility on the size of the outer frame. We can make it bigger, but not any smaller. We can etch your pet’s name or your house name on the frame or flap.

As detailed on our Bespoke Pet Door page, we can create draughtproof pet doors for awkward spaces or particular needs. If you need a Maxflap with a taller or wider pet access flap please get in touch.


At the moment each Maxflap is made to order. The standard version starts from £299 inc VAT and P&P to UK mainland. Please get in touch with us at info@thepetflap.com or via the contact form to order a Maxflap.

Microchip controlled access

We’re working on a microchip version but it’s not ready yet. We expect it to be 2023 before we can offer the microchip version.