Gift your pet a Petflap this Pet Appreciation Week

pet appreciation week

During Pet Appreciation Week (6-12th June), we want to debunk some of the common fears around pet doors and encourage pet owners to gift their pet the freedom of a Petflap this year. There are many common fears and misconceptions surrounding pet doors, often surrounding safety, but here at Ecoflap we only provide the best for your pets, ensuring they are properly cared for.

Pet doors let draughts in

One of the most common misconceptions surrounding pet doors is that they let draughts inside. Our Petflaps do the opposite. The pet access flap is pressed more firmly shut with any change in air pressure, regardless of which side it comes from. This means that winds outside will push the door shut just the same as a breeze indoors would.

Our Petflaps are made up of several layers of insulating and durable materials. Tricoya, the material in the middle of the door sandwich, is weatherproof for over 70 years, ensuring you and your pet receive the best quality pet door possible.

Intruders can crawl through pet doors

This is virtually impossible as our standard Petflaps have access of 103mm x 187mm each side, which is far too small for most children to get through, let alone an adult. Our Petflaps also have a locking mechanism that can be locked open or shut for your extra peace of mind and to help train your cat to use the door. Check out our tricoya Maxflap door if your pet requires a larger door or, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Pet doors can hurt my pet

If the action of the flap is very strong or the animal is encourage to go through a space too small for them then a pet could be hurt by a pet door. There is a misconception that by nudging the pet door open with their heads pets will get hurt but this doesn’t arise with the Petflap. Only the gentlest focussed pressure is required to open it, and the acrylic peep holes allow your cat to see through. Your animal will tend to drop their head when they go through the Petflap and, once they are used to it, they will find a way to go through which is most comfortable to them.

Other animals can crawl through

This is a common fear when it comes to fitting a pet door. However, as well as our locking mechanism, we are developing microchip access doors, allowing only animals with the registered microchip to open the flap. The likelihood is most other animals will be deterred by your pet if it is in the house or garden and won’t want to enter.

Above all else, pet doors are a great convenience to both you and your pet. With more of us working from home than ever before, pet doors allow you to get on with your working day and your pet to get on with theirs without interrupting you. They allow your pet the freedom to roam the great outdoors, making them less disruptive as they have a safe, constructive outlet for their energy!

Please remember that if you are using one of our Petflaps for your small dog, they are not replacements for walking your four-legged friend. Make sure you’re meet your pet’s caring needs.