• Pet access: 95mm x 185mm each side
  • Outer Frame: 300mm
  • Door hole cut: 252mm minimum – see fitting leaflet
  • Suitable for doors up to 50mm deep

Click here to download our fitting leaflet.

draughtproof pet doorThe Petflap is an asymmetric product, which is vital to how it works. See left for measurements of the parts of the Petflap.

Please note: we can’t retrofit extended trunking to a Petflap that already has regular trunking fitted. If you need extended trunking please don’t buy through the cart but contact us and we will create your Petflap order separately. We will need to know how long your trunking needs to be, and we always add on a little to allow for the fitting ring and small variations between your measurements and ours.

As well as longer trunking (the longest so far delivered is 39cm), we can provide a Petflap with shorter trunking. Please get in touch if you’re looking for anything different from our standard model.