Customise your Petflap to make it exactly what you need!

Long tunnels

Or as we call it here, extended trunking. These are usually to go through a thick door or wall. We get lots of orders for extended trunking from people building low-energy homes.

Extended trunking needs to be fitted when the Petflap is built. Please get in touch with enquiries.

Standard trunking is 70mm long. We can build you extended trunking from 80mm up to 610mm. For trunking over 250m long the Petflap will need an inset flap at the house end. Because we cut the trunking to suit your wall it will project less than 10mm into the room, and the rear fitting ring will sit over it to give your installation a neat finish. The inset flap will sit a few centimentres back from your wall.

If you need shortened trunking we can do that too. Please enquire to order.


The surfaces on the Petflap are built from the same plastics many cars use on external surfaces. This means it takes acrylic spray paint very well. The outer faces can be sprayed any colour scheme to suit your door, your pet, your vibe!

Sunglasses on for these Photoshopped images!

Plastikote (or plastic acrylic spray paint) is ideal. There’s a huge range of colours and finishes.

Please note that painting won’t stop the Petflap being recycled. It’s been recycled once and can be recycled again. Acrylic paint is recyclable, so do the planet a favour and use that.

Painting the Skinny

If you are installing a Petflap in a window, keep the window film in place when you spray.

We suggest painting the external face rather than the internal one. It’s easier to do.

We can’t accept returns due to a bad paint job. Our guarantees of course cover our own workmanship and though we love our customers, we can’t yet cover yours.

Protect the Pivot! (and the lock… windows, and the foam seal)

The door depends on its pivot. We make it from stainless steel with brass and it should be maintenance free. It won’t like your paint gumming up the