Permethrin poisoning in cats

What is permethrin poisoning in cats?

What is permethrin poisoning in cats? Permethrin is a flea-killing chemical commonly found in a wide range of flea treatments for dogs. It’s completely safe for dogs, but toxic to cats. Permethrin poisoning affects a cat’s nervous system, and is fatal unless treated. Read more on the PDSA website.

How do I avoid it for my cat?

Put simply, never be tempted to use a dog flea treatment on your cat. Use only cat-specific flea treatments, which will not contain permethrin.

You will also need to keep your cat away from your dog if the dog has just been flea treated.

If you ever bring any sort of flea treatment into your home check that it doesn’t contain permethrin.

Symptoms and treatment

Symptoms will start within a few hours and include:

  • vomiting
  • excessive dribbling
  • breathing problems
  • twitching and fitting
  • confusion

If you suspect your cat has come into contact with permethrin first wash it off your cat and then call the vet. A cat suffering from permethrin poisoning will need to be admitted to the veterinary hospital for treament. A cat whose symptoms are treated swiftly has a good chance of surviving. The longer a cat waits for treament, sadly the worse the outcome tends to be.

This can be a very expensive process. Pet insurance is a cost-effective way of ensuring you can afford good vet care for all your pets.