Cat treats recipe

cat treats recipe
Nippy waiting to be served

Have you ever made cat treats at home? We searched up cat treats recipe and have found a variety of titbits on offer. We’ve brought a few of them together here, so you can see if there’s anything your cat will fancy.

Trusted sources

We’ve stuck to information from trusted organisations including Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, the RSPCA and the PDSA. When you’re looking up treat recipes to feed to your cat, it might be best to avoid random posts on the internet (not this one, obviously). If in doubt, call your vet’s surgery for advice or ask next time you’re visiting.

Battersea reminds us on its recipe page:

“You should only give these to your cat as occasional treats, alongside a well-balanced diet and they’re not suitable for cats with special dietary requirements.”


Most recipes use fish such as salmon or tuna as their base, but a couple use a can of cat food or dry food. One even includes catnip! All ingredients are easily available, and the recipes simple to put together. Here’s the list:

Let us know via our social media below how you get on! What did your cat think of the treats? If you tried a couple of recipes which one was more popular. If you have several cats, did they like different things?