Fitting a Petflap into a wall

A double-ended Petflap with extended trunking

We’re often asked about fitting a Petflap into a wall of stone or brick. The answer is yes, the Petflap can be fitted into a wall, but it may be necessary to supply the Petflap with modified trunking.

Please note that extended trunking must be pre-ordered. We can’t retrofit extended trunking to a Petflap that already has standard trunking fitted.

We recommend having your Petflap fitted by a professional experienced in this sort of work, as poor fitting can affect the Petflap’s performance. We accept no liability for inconvenience or expense arising from faulty fitting. Please ensure the instructions in our fitting leaflet are followed, especially with regard to cutting on the outside of the circle line and testing the Petflap’s action before sealing to the wall. Petflaps set into a hole fractionally too small may not shut reliably.

We’ve had enquiries about fitting a Petflap into a wall with another Petflap at the other end, or with a customer’s existing catflap at one end. This is all perfectly possible but if fitting our Petflap at each end please note:

  • as the Petflap is designed to prevent regular airflow, a cat could suffocate if it decided to spend a long time in the tunnel. If this could be a risk for your proposed set-up we suggest finding an alternative or contacting us to look at the options.

Please note also that the wall has to have sufficient depth for the Petflap central flap to open fully without bashing into the other catflap or Petflap.

We’re always happy to advise via If you can include pictures of your existing wall plus relevant dimensions, we can give you an answer faster. If you’re employing somebody to fit your Petflap we’ll be very happy to speak to them directly to answer any questions they might have.

Modified trunking

Every situation is different so these are approached on an individual basis and treated as bespoke orders.

Once we have agreed the details with you we will invoice, and begin work on your Petflap on payment.


We can’t accept for return any Petflap that has been modified post-purchase. We’re happy to provide all the information you need before making your purchase so there should be no need to return your Petflap, but if you decide on receipt that it simply isn’t going to be right, please return the Petflap following the instructions on our Terms, Conditions and Returns page.