Creating The Petflap, a kinder, safer pet door.

Why did we do it?

Imagine a cold winter’s evening, warm and cosy in the house, rain and wind outside. Now imagine a noisy catflap flapping and rattling constantly, wind blowing gales through it and the cold swirling around your feet. The cat mews outside,  poised to come through, but scared of getting its tail trapped – again.  We knew we could come up with something better and set about thinking what The Petflap should really do.

Why is The Petflap better?

Thinking of the things we wanted it not to do was very easy. Not clang open and shut a million times day with every breeze, or beat out a long diminishing rhythm every time someone opened or closed a door in the house. Not flap back and forth repeatedly once a pet managed to open and pass through. Not to trap a tail or paw. Not to break inside a year or two. Not to spoil the look of your nice door.

It has been an ongoing challenge to produce a single ideal version of The Petflap.  We wanted a limited range of brilliant products to fit most doors and that has taken a long time to design. We’ve engineered in:

  • locking
  • keeping the rain out
  • coping with larger animals
  • opening easily for the old and infirm pet
  • being quiet
  • strengthening the door

And of course it is completely draughtproof and self closing.

We have removed all springs, magnets and floppy plastic curtains that are present with other pet door designs and that make them clunky and prone to breakage. Improving on our previous version, we’ve made a small change to how the door is weighted to ensure that it closes perfectly every time.  We understand our solution could also work for Passivhaus designs through both doors and walls as the thermal bridge is now much reduced.

What is The Petflap made of?

We think we’ve achieved  the best balance of materials and design to produce a strong easy clean solution with a long life.

We’ve tried materials from wood to plastic and several design aproaches. As always to do a job well you need to start with the best materials, so our focus now is on a range of materials to help make The Petflap light, durable and robust. To help insulate and reduce radiated heat loss we use high quality plastics and riot shield material inside the door; these are UV stable and allow your pet a good view through from either side.

Our first Petflap version will be a laminated ABS plastic with corrosion-free stainless and brass, central hinge. Later versions may be available with wood laminates, stainless steel or other metals and plastics.

The first version like our Ecoflap will be spray-paintable with plastic spray paints so you can match in to the external or internal door colour as you to make it even less intrusive.

How do you get The Petflap?

Currently we’re working on a limited production run. We expect to be taking orders from late 2016 so please get in touch to be on the reserved list for the first limited edition release.

If you need The Petflap for your Pot Bellied pig, Mastiff or Miniature Cow, then  contact us. We’ll work through all the details with you and design The Petflap just for your pet. Someone has already asked for The Petflap for a child that never closes doors, so nothing is impossible.