A kinder, draughtproof pet door

The Petflap is a draughtproof pet door designed and built by the same bunch of clever clogs that brought you the draughtproof, rainproof Ecoflap.

The Petflap closes behind itself quietly and gently every time. Trapped tails, loud noises and draughts will be a thing of the past.

Click here to buy a Petflap. Please note we are out of stock at the moment while we get sorted out with our new manufacturing partner. Please email info@ecoflap.co.uk to go on the notification list, or keep an eye on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Why is our draughtproof pet door better?

draughtproof pet door

The Petflap fitted into a uPVC door

We love our Petflap. The benefits of this better pet door include:

  • a draughtproof and rainproof flap that doesn’t rattle or bang
  • a gentle closing action that won’t trap paws or tails
  • twin perspex peep holes
  • easy opening for the old and infirm pet
  • a simple and reliable locking mechanism
  • keeping the rain out
  • quiet operation
  • customisation: the Petflap can be made in a range of sizes and variety of materials


draughtproof pet doorWhat is The Petflap made of?

The Petflap is made from laminated ABS plastic with corrosion-free stainless steel and brass central hinge. Like our Ecoflap, the Petflap can be spray-painted with plastic spray paints (we recommend Plasti-Kote) so you can match in to the external or internal door colour to make it even less intrusive.

Incidentally, all three of our draughtproofing products (the Petflap, the Ecoflap and the stainless steel Letterplate) are recyclable (scroll to the foot of the page for details on recycling ABS).

How do you get The Petflap?

The Petflap retails for £59 including VAT and delivery. Order online at www.ecoflapdirect.co.uk. Orders placed by 3pm Monday to Friday are delivered by courier the next day. Orders placed at the weekend are despatched on Monday for Tuesday delivery.

If you need a Petflap for your Pot Bellied pig, Mastiff or Miniature Cow, then contact us. We’ll work through all the details with you and design your catflap, dog door (or pretty much any type of animal door) just for your pet. Someone has already asked for the Petflap for a child that never closes doors, so nothing is impossible.

Can I get a bespoke Petflap?

Yes. We can make Petflaps in different sizes and materials. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.