Bespoke Pet Door

bespoke pet doorsWe offer bespoke pet doors to meet your needs.

Our standard pet door is designed for cats, and small dogs including toy breeds such as Chihuahua, Maltese, Yorkies and other terriers. You already know that we can offer Petflaps with long trunking. Now we can work with you to create a Petflap for an awkward space or a larger pet.

We can offer the Petflap with:

  • a larger front plate to cover an existing round hole larger than 300mm
  • a square front plate to cover an existing or enlarged square hole
  • trunking with a Petflap at one end and that connects to an existing catflap at the other end
  • a larger door suitable for a dog
bespoke pet door

A white square-edged Petflap with extended trunking

Previously we’ve been constrained by having to keep the Petflap’s overall dimensions small enough to fit within a standard house door. Now, we can offer a bespoke pet door fitted into a panel custom cut to fit your door. We can of course create custom Petflaps to fit through walls too.

We now have more choice of materials. We have extended our range to include tricoya, an accoya-based MDF that has many fantastic qualities. As well as capturing carbon and being sustainably produced, tricoya is weatherproof for 75 years and can be painted or sprayed.

We can now offer silver Petflaps. Silver models usually come with white trunking but we can fit black if you prefer. We can offer silver in all variations.

These doors take a while to design, so if you have a project in mind please don’t delay – get in touch today on