I need a larger Petflap

We plan to make a larger Petflap size late in 2019.

Our standard pet door is designed for cats, and small dogs up to the size of the average Jack Russell. This would include toy breeds and small dogs including Dachshunds, Chihuahua, Maltese, Yorkies and other terriers.

larger Petflap

We’ve worked on doors for Labradors, Spaniels, and some that are a bit of both!

We’ve worked on doors to fit smaller but broad dogs such as West Highland Terriers and are often asked for a larger Petflap to suit different Spaniel varieties and dogs up to the size of Labradors. We have to ensure the structural integrity of our Petflap when it’s scaled up and can go only so large so that the Petflap can fit into a standard house door.

At the moment we expect to put a stainless steel skin on our larger Petflap but we haven’t made any final decisions.